the story…

26 Dec

so after almost 7 years of dating, dan finally popped the question. πŸ™‚
december 22nd at 11:00pm in minneapolis, mn.

we had been spending the day wandering the mall of america… ate lunch at the bubba gump resaurant, and then continued exploring the stores. by about 6pm we were getting sore feet and decided it was time to return to the hotel and figure out what to do for supper, as we both wanted to go to someplace a bit fancier than normal, and definitely not a chain. when we got back to the hotel, they were having the evening reception in the atrium consisting of mixed drinks and some salty snacks. we decided just to head upstairs for now though. we looked through a magazine the hotel provided for a good sounding restaurant, and tried to figure out where they were. we decided on a couple choices, but couldn’t exactly place their locations. luckily, the lobby has a kiosk with free internet, so we were able to find out where they were. after that we decided to check out the reception, and got a couple drinks. dan got whiskey and coke and i tried a special mix created by one of the bartenders: malibu rum, pineapple juice, grendadine and some cream over ice. yummy. we perused the magazine a bit more and decided on checking out a new place, Ciao Bella, as the others were kind of far away. back to the kiosk to check directions and dan called an made reservations for 9pm. then we headed up to change into nice clothes and headed out.

the atmosphere was kind of warm and dark, and the food was amazing. we got an appetizer of 3 types of bruschetta- mushroom w/truffle oil, red/yellow peppers with fresh mozzarella, and avocado w/jalapeno. For our main meals, i tried seared scallops in a lobster/bacon cream sauce that came with a side of spinach risotto. Dan got filet mignon and it came with asparagus and french fries. on top of that, we got dessert, which was kind of like a chocolate souffle. delicious. after the meal we headed back to the hotel.

we got up to the room and i was trying to get to the closet to hang up my coat, but dan wouldn’t let me. instead he took out his camera and told me he wanted a picture. then he came up close, got on one knee and held of the box and asked. πŸ˜€ i started getting teary and of course i said yes!!

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