new year

01 Jan

getting ready to head back to michigan… i plan to leave close to when dan goes into work tomorrow. hopefully i can make it home before it gets dark.

still no idea where we will live or work after we get married. hopefully God directs us soon!

our new year’s eve was pretty unexciting. we were hoping to hang out with brandy and josh, dan’s cousins, but they must have ended up doing something else, cuz we never heard back from them.  dan and i attempted to get dinner at this casino in emmitsburg (ville?) but they were taking reservations only so we went to subway instead. much cheaper at least :).  not much to do today except just hang out and enjoy the time we can spend before we have to be separate again. i really really really hope that dan can visit between this job and the next, but it all depends on how much time he gets in between and where the next job is.

after a good amount of talking and thinking, we will most likely be married in august before school starts up for all our friends/family with kids and friends/family who are teachers! i hope everyone can make it.

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Posted by on January 1, 2008 in life


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