13 Apr

well other than missing dan (a very very very lot), not a whole lot going on a the moment. thanks for all the support to everyone who bought pampered chef from my party! i ended up having just over $1100 in sales, which was able to get me (us) many useful items!

i have been working on the invitations. i have a good idea of the layout, just trying to get the imagery right. i have also been starting to go through my things and pack up stuff to be stored until later and stuff to take along on the road.  my parents are frustrated cuz i’m making a mess, but you need to make a mess to get things clean sometimes!

i have had several requests to know what my colors are for the wedding…and realized that i hadn’t posted them here yet! so here they are:

The navy blue is the color of the bridesmaid dresses, and the vests/ties for the groomsmen and ushers. The other colors will mostly be incorporated in the flowers, invites and cake. 😀

speaking of flowers…those who want to take the boutinnere/corsage and hand tied bouquet classes this thursday (april 17), the cost is $45 plus flowers, and it’s at 5:30pm at Andicott on 29th street. let me know if you’re coming, so i can plan on you.

my passport app is now in…and the lady told me it should only take 4-6 weeks! w00t. now we just have to get dan his birth certificate so he can apply too. it looks like we may have to ship it…and i don’t trust the postal service! i want to send him some other stuff too, so it’ll probably be ups or fedex.

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