meet me in st louie

17 May

well this should have been posted over a week ago, but i forgot. 🙂

on may 2, i took a half day off work, and my mom and i drove down to st. louis to meet up with dan (halfway between here and russell, ks -7.5 hour drive for each!) the drive was kinda long, but on the way down there were periodic cloudbursts ending in gorgeous rainbows. i got my mom to listen to harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, and i think she liked it well enough. we made it to the hotel where dan and i stayed around 10:00pm. my mom’s friend, donna met us there so she could show my mom the way to her house (my mom stayed there with her) i checked in and helped dan find the hotel. we stayed up pretty late, as we had to get some food for dan when he got in, and then got up in time for the hotel’s continental breakfast.

may 3: breakfast, like i said, then we went looking for a mall as dan wanted to find a certain pair of shoes…which proved impossible to find in a mall…but we enjoyed wandering through the dick’s sporting goods store and lunch in the food court. after lunch, dan got a haircut and we headed back to the hotel so he could take a shower. then we relaxed and watched some tv while deciding where to go. we figured out how to get to the arch and jumped on the highway. we got off at a likely exit and had to wander a bit (even followed some people down the wrong way on a one-way…) but eventually found it. we parked in an extremely full lot, and walked down to the arch. took lots of artistic pictures. 🙂  then we wandered around downtown a bit looking for a restaurant. there had been a cardinals/cubs baseball game that afternoon and the cubbies had won and were pretty excited and rowdy. we also saw a lot of prom kids getting pictures taken all over. after a bit more wandering, we found a pub called “tigin” which looked good. they had a few outside tables and since it was nice out, we sat there. dan got a black-and-tan and i tried some sort of irish cider. yum. then we had our dinner and wandered around the city a bit more. found the car back and drove back toward the hotel.  we went to the pujols’ restaurant to get dessert (albert pujols is a cardinals player) and then went to the hotel and fell asleep.

may 4: decided to skip the continental breakfast in favor of a bit more sleep, then gathered our stuff and checked out. dan needed to do laundry, so we drove around until we found a laundrymat. sat on the tailgate of his truck in the sun while we waited for the laundry to finish, then headed to panara bread (aka st. louis bread company, as it was founded there) to meet my friend kelly, who i met in an hp forum. 😀 my mom also met us there. kelly bought us lunch (which was really sweet of her) and had a wedding present for us too- “feasting on asphalt” the book by alton brown, signed even! then it was time to say goodbye and drive home.  i can’t wait to go back to st. louis again sometime, it’s a great city.

my first bridal shower is coming up, may 31! it’s exciting. 😀

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