life in a small town

15 Sep

So I was so excited to move on to a new place…finally get out and see the country. Ironically, our first jobsite is in the little town of Hull, IA. Home of the original Pizza Ranch for those in the know. So we headed out here to stay with Dan’s Uncle Nips and Aunt Becky in Sheldon, until we could find a place to rent. Unfortunately, all the places in the paper for all the little towns were rented or wouldn’t take less than a year lease. Very frustrating! Thankfully they don’t mind us staying for the time being, though we’d like to get somewhere soon so we aren’t imposing for too long. They’ve had a busy month though, Nips owns a Kubota/Bobcat dealership and had a booth at the Clay County Fair all last week. So they’ve hardly been around. It’s been kind of nice having a fully furnished house to hang out in. I’ve been making supper most nights and did laundry a couple times. Yay for being the housewife. 🙂  More to come…once there’s more to say.

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Posted by on September 15, 2008 in life


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