kittens and combines

11 Nov

So I am driving through town to get to the grocery store the other day and got stuck behind a combine. Now I’ve seen many a combine in the field lately and several tractors pulling wagons full of corn like to come to the grain elevator, but I hadn’t yet seen a combine actually take a trip to town. So as to be reminded of country life and just because I’d love to take one out for a spin, I decided to photograph the occasion.   🙂

It was a lovely snowy/slushy/rainy day. At around 3am the previous night I woke up and heard some strange mewling noises. They were very loud and seemed to be coming from the front yard, which is directly below the windows in our bedroom. So I looked out and couldn’t see anything. (Plus my contacts were out which made it harder to see anyway). I put on my robe and wandered downstairs to look out the window there. I kept hearing the noise off and on so I opened the front door and looked out that way. Then the noise stopped. So I gave up and headed back to bed. Got comfortable and heard it again. Still couldn’t see anything, so I fell back asleep. For those of you thinking I was hearing things, for the record, Dan heard the noises too. The next morning (combine day) I got up as usual and was trying to sort through all the papers and stuff we lugged here from Michigan in an attempt to trash much of them. I heard the noise again. Got some shoes and my coat and went to walk around. Still nothing, plus the noises had stopped once I was outside. I was getting pretty annoyed by now. Later in the afternoon I headed to the grocery store. When I arrived back home and was walking to the door, I heard the noises again. This time I quick set down the groceries in the porch and ran out to the side of the house. It sounded like something was in the bushes, which was a fact I couldn’t pinpoint before then. I decided to “mew” back at it. The noise grew louder and led me to a particularly dense bush. Poking its head out was a little black kitten. He and I “talked” back and forth a bit and I managed to grab him and brought him into the porch, figuring he was pretty cold and scared. Well he ran a few laps around the porch and eventually found a tight space between a couple boxes. Not sure what to do with a stray kitten which I was not allowed to have, I called Nips to see who needed to be notified. He gave me numbers for the local vet as well as the cops. The vet clinic said that only police are allowed to drop off strays, so I called them. A nice officer stopped over and I gave him the kitten. He seemed very taken with kitty, so I didn’t feel so bad about the whole thing. I really wish I had Piper though, I miss him.

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