28 Nov

We left Iowa last Saturday morning around 4:30am after a few hours of sleeping on the futon mattress in the middle of the living room floor. We were surprised by some snow falling and found that it was a bit slick on the road and kind of blizzard-like driving down past Sioux City. Dan decided to try some tricks with his truck while pulling the trailer and went sideways across two lanes for a bit. Thankfully after getting a ways down I80 it wasn’t so bad. We made it back to GR around 9pm and then met up with Sheena and Doug for some food at Old Chicago as we hadn’t felt like stopping anywhere for supper before then.

We were able to meet up with several people throughout the week- had a potluck at Millbrook on Sunday, went to Founders for lunch with people from Notions, and went to Founders again on Wednesday night for drinks with Bill and Joe and Karly. Then Dan went out with Emo and Liz and some others for Emo’s 21st.

Thanksgiving was fun. We went to Millbrook for church and sat with Matt and his family, then we had dinner at Aunt Judi’s. After that we stopped in at Grandpa & Grandma’s for a while to show them wedding pictures. Then we came home, had some wine and put up the Christmas tree.

Liz and Matt decided to do some Black Friday shopping early in the morning, but Dan and I just slept in and went later to buy an ipod touch for Dan and a coffee press for me. Now we’re just waiting for 6:00 to come around so we can meet up with our friends from SCHS. Should be fun.

We plan to head toward South Carolina tomorrow afternoon sometime and will hopefully be able to find a nice apartment soon. We’ve been watching the weather a bit for down there and it looks to be nice…it’s still in the 50’s as opposed to the 30’s. w00t.

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