super-snowboard weekend

02 Feb

We went on a weekend ski trip to Banner Elk, NC with most of the Interstates night crew. We ended up leaving at about 4am Saturday morning after the guys all got done with work. Got to the town around 7am and found some breakfast, then checked into the condo that had been rented on the mountain. It was a pretty good location, not too far of a walk to the ski lodge, and had 4 bedrooms and I think 7 total beds. The resort was called Sugar Mountain, and was the only place with snow that we saw the whole time. Good thing for snow machines.

After checking in, we sat around watching some tv and talking until about 10am where most everyone decided to get a nap in. Went and rented snowboards around 1pm, then made it to the actual slopes around 2:30pm. Dan, me and Will (Dan’s coworker, who rode up with us) all had decided on snowboards, and headed for the practice hill. The guys attempted to teach me how to work my board, and I started to get the hang of it, but I fell a lot. My knees are still kinda bruised up. Around 5pm we went back to the condo to get some food, and after supper everyone else headed back out for a few hours while I stayed in the warm living room. (I’d gotten my share of snowboarding) A lack of sleep kept the guys from getting rowdy though mostly everyone stayed up till around 1am.

Sunday morning we all headed down to the place we had found for breakfast the previous day, then the guys headed out to the hill again, and I met them at the lodge around 4:30 so we could get a group picture. After that almost everyone stayed around the condo to watch the Superbowl, except Dan and Will who went out again. I guess it was pretty dead on the hill. The game was pretty good, though most of us didn’t really care which team won, except Zach, who’s from Pennsylvania. We had been talking about ordering chicken wings since the night before, when every place we had tried to order from had been closed, and found the same problem again. Not sure why everyone closes at 9 or 10 around there…especially on Superbowl night. So we all piled into the two trucks and found a bar/grille that was still serving food. Got our wings, and more. One of the wing flavors was super spicy…but overall good stuff. Got back to the condo and just hung out till around midnight or so then crashed cuz we were all worn out. Driving back this morning, it was around 60 degrees, though cloudy. Fun weekend!

Sugar Mountain:


Me, Dan and Will after snowboarding Saturday:


Fooling around with this can holder/fist thing:


The whole group:


Dan getting ready to head down the hill:


My feet/snowboard:


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