02 Mar

So it would seem that it waits until March to snow in Greer. Heh. Actually I think it was just the right conditions for it…the storm was rotating from the opposite way it usually does, and since it wasn’t getting pulled apart by the mountains, we got the brunt of it. I’m not sure how much we got total, it was probably between 2-5 inches.

After Dan left for work I kept looking out the window to see if what they were predicting was going to happen, but all I would see was pouring rain. It wasn’t until I decided to gather everything to go get groceries that I discovered that it had changed. I stepped outside and had to do a double-take, everything was already covered! It was coming down in huge wet flakes. I almost stayed home…it was much warmer after all, but figured that I could handle it and headed out.

It was very slushy on the roads, and since it was coming down so fast, the traction wasn’t great. Everyone was going very slow, and it seemed like everything was closing early. I made it to Bed Bath and Beyond a bit before 7 and they appeared to have closed well over an hour before I showed up. Noticing the very large parking lot, I decided to burn off my frustration with a couple donuts…

Headed over to Wholefoods Market and managed to get in right before 7, which is when they had posted they were going to close for the night. Got most of my grocery items, and headed back out into the whiteness. The drive back was a bit worse, as there was even more snow and it had not lightened up at all. I was amused to see a Hummer H3 on the side of the road…though they were attempting to pull back into traffic.

Just after 11pm I was surprised by Dan’s arrival home. Apparently the power went out at the jobsite and they decided to send everyone home.


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