rough week

15 Mar

So this week was pretty rough, especially for Dan. For most of the week he was sick with something stomach-related. We don’t know if it was a passing bug or something he ate, especially since we ate the same foods, and I’ve been fine. Either way, he was miserable for several days. Ended up coming home at lunch Wednesday, and almost skipped work on Friday. Thankfully he’s all better now.

We got to do our typical Saturday routine of going out with some of the guys for supper. This week we switched it up and went bowling afterward before heading to the Blind Horse Saloon, which has become the Interstates “stomping ground” if you will.

During supper, Dan got a call from his mom, but didn’t answer, as it was pretty loud in the restaurant (we’d gone to a Japanese steakhouse, one of those places where the chef cooks everything right at your table). So while we were waiting for a lane at the bowling alley, Dan went to the car to listen to it, and I assume call back home. Well he found out some pretty shocking news- his parents’ house was foreclosed on. I guess we are one of the last people to know about this, and Dan is very upset. When he came back inside after a very long time, I could tell he had been crying, though he held himself together. He wouldn’t tell me what was up though, so I got to wonder all the rest of the night. I decided at that no one must have died or anything, else we’d probably have had to head home and pack for a trip somewhere. At least everyone is fine.

I can’t imagine something like that happening to my parents/sisters, losing the house I grew up in. It’s an overwhelming concept. How do you start over from something like that?  Neither of us can understand why nothing was said… you’d think with two grown up sons who earn a decent amount of money between them could have helped out or something. It’s frustrating. There is at least one bright side…they do have a place to go to, a member of their church has a house he’s going to rent to them. Please pray for them…for guidance in what to do now and so that hopefully something good will come of it.

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