04 Apr

Dan had a bit of a mishap at work the other night…somehow he managed to drop his phone during a trip to or from the plant building. After realizing this he went back out into the pouring rain to hopefully find it, and actually managed to. Unfortunately, it was in the mud and appeared to have been run over by a cement truck. So now he has a blackberry…



On a follow up note, I did go home for about a week to help Dan’s family move. It was kind of a slow process as they didn’t have a lot of boxes and so couldn’t get everything packed ahead of time. Also, they’re really busy with school, jobs, church stuff, etc. Anyway, when I left they had started sleeping in the new house, which is a nice, if dated ranch only three streets north of where they were.

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One response to “oops

  1. Carmen

    April 11, 2009 at 12:18 am

    That’s a good way for him to get a new phone. Glad you got to go back to MI and help Gary and Connie.


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