Plymouth, IN

28 Jul

So we’re about 2 hours from Grand Rapids now. It’s close enough that we can go visit on occaison, but far enough that two hours is still kind of a long drive. I’ve gone up a couple times on my own to organize some of our stuff and do laundry, though Dan’s been stuck here working. We’re coming up this coming weekend though, as it’s Rachel’s 5th birthday, and Emo’s going-away party.

Our apartment here is kind of “ghetto”, with some interesting neighbors and pretty old. It’s a studio, so we’ve had to arrange it so we can fit everything in the one room. It works pretty well. We did have an incident with a mouse, but I haven’t seen any evidence for a couple days now, so hopefully the poison I put out killed him.

We have a deck here, and bought a small charcoal grill, which we’ve made several good meals on. We attempted pizza the other night, and next time we need to make sure the grill isn’t quite so hot. The dough burned a bit. I also bought a cheap bird feeder, hoping to coax all the birds I could hear over to eat there, but a squirrel came instead. He made all the birdseed fall out and then started chewing on the feeder itself. Stupid squirrel.

Apparently this is a pretty short job, so we should be moving on again soon. It’d be awesome to be able to stick around until Labor Day and go camping, but it’s not looking good right now. They added two people to the crew and they definitely didn’t need any more workers.


On Saturday we went to Goshen, IN to the Elkhart County Fair. We went to see the demolition derby, and almost didn’t get to. It was super packed. We ended up having to pay for seats, which ended up being decent, but we were hoping to get in the free grandstand. The derby was pretty cool though. I’d love to go to another.

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