04 Sep

Clovis is an ok town. Not very big, but better than Plymouth was. We’re still in the motel, and plan to stick it out here for the rest of the job. We still don’t know how long it will be, they told us a month before we arrived, but several people have indicated that we’ll probably be here longer. Will got lucky, he was only here for three days before he got sent to Washington.

Dan went to the doctor on Tuesday for a physical and to get his feet looked at. He’s had on and off pain for over a year now and after getting some new boots his feet were really killing him. They took x-rays and were supposed to refer him to a specialist, but we haven’t heard back from them yet. Hopefully it’s nothing major.

My imac died a few days ago. It’s pretty sad. I did make sure to back up everything before we left Indiana, so I didn’t lose too much. I had made some changes to the catalog for Be Young, which I’ll have to redo later, but right now I’m trying to decide what to get for a replacement. It’s looking like it will be a macbook pro laptop, but not 100%.

We might go to Albuquerque for Labor Day, but it’s not for sure yet. Some people had talked about golfing, so Dan might want to stay and do that instead. I really wish we could be home and go camping, but it can’t be helped. It’s warmer here anyway, so that’s a plus.

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