labor day

08 Sep

Dan had to work Saturday, so we drove to Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon to have a change of scene. We booked the Hyatt Place on, and it was almost a twin to the one we stayed at for our anniversary last month. Albuquerque is somewhat similar to Colorado Springs, being right by the mountains. It’s so cool being able to drive down a street and see them in the distance.

After checking in, we looked up where the apple store was and then ventured over there. I am pretty certain that I’m going to get the 13″ macbook pro now, even though the screen is pretty small. It’s got more useful features than the plain macbook, and it doesn’t look as dated. The apple store was in a sort of high-end outdoor mall, so after that we wandered into some of the other stores. There was even an Anthropologie, which Dan  had never heard of. Some cool stuff, but way too expensive for us.

After browsing for a bit more we met up with Melcher, Ramstad and T-Payne over at Melcher’s apartment. He’s got a sort of expanded studio, that’s not super nice, but much better than the place in Plymouth. It even came furnished and has all utilities except internet paid for. We got supper at a sushi place, and Ramstad ordered shrimp nigiri and asked for the heads too…so he got raw shrimp on rice with fried shrimp heads then got the other guys to try them. I can’t do it…the eyes freak me out. I did try the raw shrimp though, and I don’t recommend, it was mushy and icky.  After supper we went across the street to a place called Billy’s Longbar. They had a ton of taps, so I got a Fat Tire, which isn’t available in Michigan. The bar closed around 11, so we went back to Melcher’s where they guys played Call of Duty for a while, then Dan and I headed back to our hotel.

Since we hadn’t made any real plans before heading to the town, we found a Red Robin for lunch the next day then just drove around to different places. We found a Best Buy and a large mall, and went to see the park where they launch hot air balloons from every year. If it looks like we’re going to be stuck here through a good bit of October, it would be fun to go back since they have a balloon festival the first week in that month.  While driving around we listened to Deathly Hallows, which Dan had started while driving to New Mexico, and it was fun to actually be able to listen together. I’ve been wanting him to “read” it for a long time now. We met up with the other guys for supper again, this time at that Billy’s Longbar since they had 25 cent wings. That night I had an Ace Pear beer, which isn’t very beer-like but still yummy.  Then we got in the car and headed back to Clovis. We finished the book with about an hour’s drive left and Dan slept the rest of the way. We got back “home” to our motel around 1am. It’s hard not to wish that all hotels could have awesome beds like the Hyatt Place did, and the one here is not very comfy. Hopefully we can move on soon, Dan sure seems to be frustrated working this job.

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