same ol’ same ol’

19 Sep

So now they tell us that we’re supposed to stay in Clovis till sometime around the end of October. I hope that we can leave by my birthday, that would be a good present. Dan got moved to nights now, which isn’t too bad, though it was much better when we were in South Carolina. I brought pizza to the guys for their “lunch” the other night and I had to go through the guard station in order to get to the construction parking lot which is usually not gated. I guess they decided to lock the gates at night now though, so that was interesting. Thankfully the security guy didn’t seem to have any problems with me driving into the facility, though I got a bit confused on the way out and drove over the scales for the milk trucks. Dan laughed at me for that, and asked if I found out what my car weighs. Unfortunately I never saw that anywhere while I was going by. Hehe.

I am getting super sick of this hotel. The housekeeping people seem to have stopped coming by to see if we want towels and such, which in some ways is nice as they would knock pretty early sometimes. I guess it’s not that big of deal as they will come by with stuff if I call the desk. The tv here sucks. We only have a couple good channels, and I guess this place has a dish, because sometimes the channels aren’t working. I really wish we had a place where I could organize our stuff better. I can live in a mess for so long before it starts getting to me. For the moment I have things moved around in an ok arrangement, but I’m sure it will get messy or added to again soon.

Dan bought some of those space bags, so today I put our big down comforter and some sheets and blankets into a couple of them. We had to dig the vacuum out of the trailer, but it was worth it for the space it does save. Now I can be pretty sure that the comforter would be safe from getting dirty in the backseat of my car, where it had been riding since we left Michigan.

Still no decision on a new computer. I know what I want, I just don’t know when I will be able to get it. We’re spending more money than we like here as it’s such a pain to try to cook things in this hotel, though at least we have a skillet and the mini fridge or it would be much worse. I very much miss having an oven. Dan and I opened up my imac and tried to figure out what was wrong with it, but we really didn’t know what we were doing, heh. I’m considering sending it to Sheena and Doug, as they’re good and geeky. đŸ™‚ David volunteered to look at it too, but he wanted me to buy a new hard drive to try to put in it, and I think that Doug might have something already. I don’t really want to put money into it if that’s not the problem.

Saw my cousin Sarah’s pictures from Labor Day weekend. They were the usual family group pics that we always take at that time. I really wish Dan and I could have been there. I love my family’s traditions, and it sucks when I can’t participate in them. I think this year was only the second year ever that I missed going camping with everyone. One other time I was in Iowa for Dan’s cousins’ wedding. I really really hope that our plans to come home for Christmas work out, I miss everyone.

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