midland, tx

29 Oct

This past weekend we drove down to Midland, TX to hang out with Dan’s coworker, Russell, and his former band, The Ducks. They had invited him to play with them again since he’s living in the area right now.

So we booked a room at the Clarion hotel there (I was very worried about this, as the reviews online seemed pretty negative) and headed down. We got to see lots of cotton fields which were being harvested, as well as sunflower and sorghum fields. Then we got into oil country and there were oil rigs all over. We got into Midland around 8pm Texas time, and checked in. Upon entering the room I was blown away. It was very nicely decorated, clean, and pretty modern; a very nice room. It was a huge relief.

We called Russell to let him know we were there, and followed him to the place they were playing called The Bar. It was a decent place, had a nice stage area and even a big patio outside. We joined the a few of Russell’s friends at a table and got some food and beer. The band didn’t go on stage until 10pm, so we just hung out with everyone as the arrived. The lead singer, Ben, has super long hair and was very entertaining. He really knows how to play a crowd, and during some of the songs he went into the crowd and got people to sing lines. Dan and I got to sing “And party every day” from the Kiss song, “Rock and Roll All Night”. Most of the songs were from the 80’s, but they played a Rage Against the Machine song for Dan after he bought Russell and Ben a Jager bomb.

After the Bar closed, Dan helped Russell get his drum set into his truck and then a group of us went to the house Ben was staying at for the night. We hung out until around 4:30am, and then we headed back to the hotel. Check out time the next day came way too soon, and Dan was kind of hung over. So we dragged ourselves out of bed and hit up Denny’s for breakfast. After that we headed north to Lubbock with the windows down a bit as it was gorgeous outside.

In Lubbock we drove around a bit then decided to check out their mall. We wandered all through it, and stopped to check out the puppies and kittens at the pet store inside. The had Mini Pinschers that were very cute. I think if we decide to get a dog, that would definitely be an option.

After the mall Dan wanted to lay down somewhere, so we found a park. We got out our blanket (Dan called it a cape for some reason) and found a nice spot by a tree, but the nice day was a lot colder and it had gotten pretty windy. So we only stayed there for a little while, then went to get supper. Right nearby was a restaurant called Texas Land and Cattle, so we ate there. It was a bit overpriced for what we got, but the food was good. After dinner it was dark so we headed back toward Clovis.

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