15 Nov

Nothing much has been going on lately. We’re still in the motel and Dan’s still on nights. My one excitement has been getting my new computer! It arrived in pretty much record time- around 3 days from China. So I am back on my own machine with my awesome operating system. This makes me happy. I am also hoping to get outside and watch some meteors on Monday night as the Leonids are supposed to make a good appearance. I guess Asia will have it really good with around 500 an hour, but a few dozen an hour here should still be cool. I guess being in the middle of nowhere will be a good thing for that, it’ll be nice and dark.

We have started to hear some rumors about leaving here in the next couple weeks. First we heard that some people would be leaving the job on the 25th (day before Thanksgiving), which we figured would be whatever temps are left on this job. Then Dan’s crew leader told him that he wasn’t supposed to say anything, but it seemed likely we’d be leaving around that time. So…I really really want to plan on that happening, but having had my hopes disappointed multiple times already, I’m trying not to get excited. It’s pretty hard.

So…if we leave then we’re probably off to Kansas or Louisiana. Of course wherever we end up will probably ruin our Thanksgiving plans which are to go up to Colorado Springs and spend it with some of Dan’s family up there. So we shall see what will happen.

Please pray that we’ll get to leave soon and that it will enable us to be in a good position to get home for Christmas.

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One response to “monotony

  1. Clara Vanderzouwen

    November 28, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Amazing how God answers prayer…… you’re going to be closer to home for Christmas than you ever thought you would be.


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