29 Nov

Tuesday at 3pm Dan called me to let me know that we were going to be Wisconsin-bound the next day. I was so excited, but fearful that plans would end up changing before we were able to get out of Clovis. But Wednesday morning Dan went to work, gathered his tools and headed back to the motel where we packed up and headed out.

We went north to Colorado Springs to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jason & Gina as well as Gina’s parents and Hoffmeyers. Carmen had just bought a house and so Terry and Colette and Terry’s mom came down from Iowa to help. We had a great dinner on Thursday, and on Friday everyone was busy helping move Carmen’s stuff and then help unpack.

Saturday we left CS to meet Emo up in Denver for lunch. We got to where he was staying and then drove downtown with some of his friends to the Cheesecake Factory. Then we walked around a bit before we headed back to our car and truck to hit the road again. At the moment we’re in Lincoln, NE and tomorrow we’ll drive the rest of the way to Germantown, WI. šŸ˜€

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