fast forward

15 Jan

So I oopsed and forgot to blog for the last month and a half…here’s the quick rundown:

We left Clovis, went to Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving, drove to Milwaukee, WI so Dan could work there until December 23. I drove home to GR around the 6th I think, and Dan stayed in WI except for that weekend when he came home to visit. After he finished the job there, we got to hang around for Christmas parties and New Year’s. Fixed a few car troubles and left GR on Jan. 5 and drove cross-country to Washington.

The trip lasted 4 days, we stopped in Lincoln, NE the first night (Tuesday) and decided to stay in the same hotel we had stayed at on the trip to Milwaukee a few weeks before, as it was pretty nice. There was a good amount of snow in the town which was drifting all over, and in the morning it was snowing more. We got breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, then tried to head out, but Dan’s truck was giving him trouble. He had replaced an ignition coil back home and it was acting like another had gone bad (there are 8, one for each cylinder). Thankfully, there was a Ford dealer right there, so we pulled in and had them diagnose. Way too much money later, we had two new coils installed and were back on the road.

As I had said, it was snowing in Lincoln, and drifting. The highway was terrible. One spot almost sent Dan into the ditch with the trailer, he was fishtailing all over his lane and the shoulder. Scared me pretty bad, being right behind him and watching the whole thing. We had to drive really slow and eventually we made it to Laramie, WY where we found another hotel and stayed the night. That next morning we woke up to negative 18 degrees outside. (Wind chill was around 20 degrees below that) On the plus side, it wasn’t very windy anymore and it was sunny. So we got our cars running and warmed up, and hit the road again. Drove thru all of Wyoming and into Idaho where we stopped in Twin Falls.

Friends of Dan’s family live up there, so they put us up for the night. They have a huge, gorgeous house outside of town. It was a bit hard to find, as the GPS didn’t plot the address exactly right, but they had room for both cars and the trailer. They fed us supper and breakfast, and it was nice to catch up with them. Their sons used to play with Dan when he was little, and their daughters were really young when they moved out of state, so it was interesting getting to meet them. After breakfast, we drove to go check out the Snake River, which was a pretty chilly adventure. The wind was blowing pretty hard again, so we didn’t stay outside long. Snapped a couple pictures then hit the road again.

Oregon hills

Oregon is an interesting state to drive through. At first it was hilly/mountainy with snow covering everything. Eventually most of the snow went away, and we wound thru some different terrains. The most bizarre thing was going down a winding road into some low clouds- you could see the tops of them, then everything was foggy, and then suddenly you were out of them again. Farther west, after it had gotten dark, it started to rain. It was borderline with the temperature, but we didn’t come across any ice. Stopped for gas, which is weird, as it’s illegal to pump your own in Oregon. Finally we got to Portland, and drove through it into Washington.

We arrived in Longview around 8:30pm, and went to find a hotel. The hotel was close to a mall, so we got supper there and met up with Will. The next day we went apartment hunting and found a place that was relatively inexpensive and had one one-bedroom unit left, which we barely got. On Sunday, we signed our lease and moved everything in. We have way too much stuff, but it’s hard to keep things behind when you’re planning to live so far from home.

We also discovered that our Xbox had gone missing sometime between moving in and arriving in town the day before. As it was sitting in Dan’s truck, our only guess is that someone broke in and took only that, which is weird but the only logical conclusion. Thankfully the truck is fine and nothing else has been discovered to be missing.

Dan’s been busy at work this week doing underground work. This involves laying a lot of pipe, I guess and it’s rained steadily every other day so far, so he gets a bit damp. Good thing he bought a rain suit to wear. This weekend he plans to go snowboarding with a couple of his coworkers. I’m happy avoiding snow for now. 🙂

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