30 Mar

After thinking about it and talking about it and much planning, Dan finally got his first tattoo. I say first, since I figure he’ll want more eventually, though it will probably be a while before he thinks about a second one.

Dan decided after his grandma died three years ago that he wanted to get a tattoo in memory of her. When he and the rest of his siblings and cousins were growing up (and before she had problems with her throat/voice) his grandma would buy books for her grandkids and read to them. However, since Dan and his siblings lived in Michigan and the rest of his cousins lived in Iowa where she also lived, she couldn’t read to them in person. So she would record herself reading the books on cassettes and send them along with the books. I guess any tapes from that are long gone due to how often they were used, but it’s a really cool thing she did. So, this is one of Dan’s favorite memories of his grandma, which inspired his tattoo.

He found a tattoo place in Longview that does everything custom, which was perfect. After bringing in a few things for inspiration, the artist came up with a design Dan liked and they set an appointment for March 26. At 5:30 we got to the shop and Dan got situated in a chair. The guy transfered the design to Dan’s arm and after approval started in on the outline. That took about 45 minutes and then it was time for shading. Dan said the shading hurt more, but the worst part was the paper towel used to wipe off the excess ink. After about two and a half hours he was all done. It definitely looked painful, but Dan managed fine. We left the shop, and went to get some supper. On the drive home after that, Dan admitted that it was just hitting him that he had just added something permanent. 🙂

It’s still healing, but so far so good. I think it looks great, and am even considering getting one myself someday, if I ever can decide on a design that I’d want to live with.

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