09 May

I’m a bit behind the times again, but I’ve been busy for once. I was called back by a place I had applied at and offered an interview. The place was called Kathy’s Flowers, and is a local florist; one of the first places I had put in an application back in January. Of course I said yes, and went in to meet them. Right away it sounded like they were ready to hire me, though they waited two days to call me back and offer me the job, but now I have three weeks in as a full time flower designer.

It’s not the best paying job, but it’s been fun so far. I’ve learned how to make all sorts of bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and arrangements. I’m still trying to get better at making them look as good as possible, but they seem happy with me so far. The people I work with are friendly and helpful, so that makes it great too.

This past week was crazy due to Mother’s Day. I ended up putting in about 52 hours total trying to get everything done by Sunday. Not something I’m used to do after sitting around for so long. Lots of pain in my feet and back after standing for up to 12 hours in a day. I think I’m starting to get more used to all the standing though, so that’s a plus.

The plan is to use my paychecks to pay off my car faster, since we’re able to live off of just Dan’s income anyway. No idea what I’ll end up doing after we leave Washington, but at least I’m getting to learn something new. 😀

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