catching up

20 Jul

So we’ve had a busy summer so far. Memorial Day we hung out with Interstates people at Scotty and Mindy’s rented house. It started out nice and eventually turned drizzly, but we had a good time talking and playing bean bags and such.

In June my parents came out to visit and go sightseeing. They stayed with us one night and then we went with them to see Mount St. Helens and Seattle. It was a lot of fun, though not very warm. Mount St. Helens was only somewhat visible due to clouds and rain, but the view was still good. In Seattle we checked out Pike’s Market and they bought us lunch up in the top of the Space Needle. After that we drove up to Everett and went on the Boeing Future of Flight tour. They left us then and headed up to Canada and some other areas they wanted to see, and we went back home so we could work.

The end of June Sarah Roels was out in Portland for a conference and we met up with her a couple times. We went to dinner downtown and after that we went  up to Portland’s Rose Garden. The next day I drove her to Multnomah Falls, and we attempted to hike to the top of the falls. A decent ways past the 3/4 marker there seemed no end to the trail, so I headed back down to the car while Sarah ran the rest of the way up (she’s nuts). After that we headed up to Longview to meet Dan, with the intent of going to Mount St. Helens. However, Dan said that the mountain was completely covered in clouds on the webcam. So we decided to drive out to Seaside instead. We stopped for supper at Rogue in Astoria on the way and made it just in time for sunset when we got to the beach.

July 4th was fun as well. Kathy’s closed for the 3rd, so I didn’t have to work that Saturday. Dan and I went to the Longview Parade, and then met Will downtown where he had his truck in the car show. After that we walked back to the lake so we could check out the food vendors and the cardboard boat races. It was funny to see if the boats would sink or stay afloat. Some stayed up but weren’t very maneuverable.  After that we headed north to Silver Lake where the Interstates guys were having a party for Scotty’s birthday. We ended up staying there until late evening and then we came back to Longview just in time to catch “Eclipse” at the movie theater.

The weekend after that we went up to Seattle again, this time for Malissa and Chris’s wedding. They got married on Whidbey Island, but we got stuck at the ferry terminal and ended up missing the ceremony. The reception was fun though. After the wedding we drove up to Fort Casey with Amy and took a quick walk around, but it had gotten cold and windy, so we cut it short. The next day we met up with Amy again for lunch at this fun conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and then we headed into downtown Seattle. We had decided to try out a sight seeing cruise around Seattle, so we bought our tickets and headed to the boat. It left from Union Lake, which is freshwater, and went through a set of locks into the salt water part. It was a gorgeous day. After that we checked out Pike’s Brewery which is near the market, and ate at a fancy seafood restaurant- we shared a bunch of crab, mussels and clams. Yum! On the way home from Seattle, we took a detour and drove through Port Angeles and Forks. We didn’t stay long, but now we can say we’ve been there.

This summer has definitely been the coldest I’ve ever lived through…mostly in the 60’s and 70’s. There have been a few heat waves, but that is not the norm. I’m really hoping it stays nice for a long time though.

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