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15 Aug

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary, but since Dan has to work, we celebrated this weekend. A few months back I stumbled across the website for a somewhat local bed and breakfast called The Inn at Crippen Creek Farm. They have two rooms that they let out and they offer cooking classes. Seemed like a good idea, so I made a reservation for Saturday night and requested their Italian Country Cooking class.

We arrived just before 5 pm, met Kitty and Don, the owners, and settled into our room. Right before we headed back downstairs, Dan announced that he had a present for me. He went to his backpack and pulled out a little jewelry box, and inside was a pretty ring with two triangle shaped purple stones and a few diamond chips set against white gold. Very unexpected, but I love it.

Then we headed downstairs where we began to help prepare dinner/learn how to cook some new dishes. Some of the techniques were familiar, but I definitely learned some new information that I will continue to use, as well as some great recipes that were delicious. It was very informal, just the four of us, and it was fun getting to learn about Kitty and Don, as well as share stories about where Dan and I have traveled.

Living on the farm with them are a German Shepherd dog named Jessie, two cats, Beebop and Striper, a bunch of chickens, some young turkeys, a couple ducks, some sheep and 4 pigs. They get eggs from the chickens and meat from everyone else except the cats and dog. They also grow a lot of their own veggies, and try to be as organic, seasonal, and local as possible. Hard to do, but it seemed to be paying off.

After some yummy breakfast and mimosas this morning we said goodbye and headed across the river to Astoria so we could wander the Sunday Market. Then we checked out the Maritime Museum, which was very interesting, and then stopped in a Rogue, which seems to be a must-do every time we’re close.

It was a fun way to celebrate. šŸ™‚

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