slacking again…

06 Dec

Well I have definitely slacked off for too long this time around. I’ve been working on writing up our Christmas letter (which I might post on here too), and I have been avoiding making an update on here for some unknown reason. I have been pretty domestic today- catching up on laundry, groceries, making a shepherd’s pie for sometime this week, a cake for my decorating class, wrapping a few presents, and I have french onion soup simmering on the stove for supper tonight. Dan needs to get done with work already so we can eat some…

Anyway I guess a quick summary would be best-


For Labor Day weekend we went up north to visit Lora and Jerry. Then we spent a day in Vancouver trying to check out the city. It was interesting being in Canada and going through customs. We went to Granville Island and wandered around, but it was raining steadily so it wasn’t super fun. We wandered around a few different areas checking out the local stores. I wanted to try to find this lookout place my parents told us about, but even if we had there wouldn’t be much to see, it was too foggy that day.

In the middle of the month we flew home for Kristine’s wedding. We were really busy since I was in the bridal party and got to put together all of her flowers. They turned out really nice. A week is definitely too short when it’s been so long since we were home last. Thankfully we were able to find a day to meet up with my friend David in St. Joseph and then spend the evening with Sheena and Doug. The flights there and back weren’t my favorite, but they ended up not being too bad. On the leg from Denver to Grand Rapids there were a bunch of storms to the south and we could see a lot of cool lightning.

One night I went out with my coworkers so we could celebrate boss’s day. Gary really likes the attention and we all had a nice dinner. He even paid, though we tried to talk him out of it.


A few more of the coworkers that Dan likes to hang out with were sent out to this job so we have more people to do things with. I think we spent way too much time at bars that month, but it was fun at least.

At the end of the month it was my birthday, and I was surprised to get cards and  a few presents from my coworkers and boss. It was really cool, I’ve never gotten stuff like that before, it’s usually just a single card signed by everyone.


Dan and I finally decided to put our Dental Insurance to good use and visit Aspen Dental. I was pretty worried since it had been at least 8 years since my last visit. Thankfully I only had one cavity, plus a temporary filling to be replaced that I hadn’t known I had. I’ve never appreciated getting my teeth cleaned before, and I don’t have a problem getting them done again next year. Dan is another story…his cleaning is tonight, which ought to go fine, but he’s got quite a few cavities lined up, so hopefully it won’t be too hard on his mouth.

For Thanksgiving we had snow! Well, it snowed the Monday and Tuesday before that. Work was pretty much dead because no one wanted to go out and about in it. People here don’t really know how to handle snow. It wasn’t so bad, but the next day everything froze solid, and that was a bit scary. I don’t think a bit of ice and snow really warrants everyone getting studded tires or chains though.

On Thanksgiving Day we went to a gathering with people from Interstates. A lot of the guys live up at a campground and there’s a pavilion there that is enclosed, though not insulated. It was pretty cold, but we had a campfire outside and a few heaters going inside. As usual there was a ton of food, and it was all really good. Strangely, I got to try something I had seen on TV recently- hard boiled eggs added to the gravy. It sounds a bit weird but it’s pretty good.


Well it’s just started, so not much has happened lately. My work party is coming up this Saturday, so I’m getting presents wrapped for that.

Last Saturday night I was invited to a girl’s night by Devon, the wife of one of Dan’s coworkers. She and I went downtown Longview to check out the city’s winter parade, and then we went back to her apartment where Mindy and later Hannah showed up. We had some good wine and ate Chinese, then talked a lot. It was fun. We plan to take a trip up to Seattle in January and do some wine tasting and other sight seeing.

Since we’re not going home for Christmas, I’m not sure what we’ll do. Lora and Jerry are going to Iowa with pretty much all of the rest of the VanDer Plaats side of the family. Wish we could go, I just don’t really get to take time off of work because it’s really busy. Whatever we do, it ought to be fun at least.


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