why florists hate valentine’s day

02 Mar

Ok, maybe we don’t hate it exactly, but it’s definitely a lot of work. At Kathy’s we brought in extra people to help prep and strip roses, someone to green vases, and even runners to help our delivery drivers pass out their bouquets. It was a pretty long, stressful, high energy week. Since Valetine’s Day fell on a Monday this year, I had to work starting the Monday before, then my normal days, late on Saturday and then all day Sunday before that to get out some of the orders as well as make the bouquets that would go out on Monday. When you go that many days in a row, everything really starts to blend together. Monday was crazy and it dragged. It’s the strangest thing. Usually a day will fly by when you stay busy, but it didn’t. And it wasn’t just me that felt that way either, the other designers, Karen and Barb both agreed with me. Thankfully, hell week was over after that. I got Dan to take me to Red Lobster for supper, which was very yummy. We saw Curt and Devon there as well, which was nice because we got to talk while we waited for our tables.

The next day was back to normal flower shop life… though we were all pretty much burned out. Thankfully it was relatively slow, so we could take our time with things. The rest of the week and the next played out similarly, with just enough to keep us busy but not stressed.

Last week it snowed. It almost seemed like we wouldn’t get any because the news hyped it so much, but we did. Around our apartment which is in a bit of a valley, we got almost 6 inches overnight, and the hills got a bit more. It was gorgeous seeing all the snow clinging to the trees. What was really cool was watching the hummingbird going to our feeder even though these huge snowflakes were falling. Bet it was pretty tough flying for the little guy. After the snow stopped, it got pretty cold for a couple days, with lows in the teens, and highs in the low 30’s, pretty weird for this area. Now, though, the snow has melted in the lower areas and it was raining most of the day.

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