getting ready

10 Mar

Liz and Aaron are coming out to visit us in 3 days. It’s pretty exciting. I find it ironic that it took the farthest work location that we’ve had so far to get any family to visit us while we’ve been living on the road. Now we just need to get his family in on the action. Tonight we hashed out some final plans over the phone for a rental car and our hotel in Seattle.

Then I made brownies. I made them once before using Bell’s Cherry Stout, but today I went with Guinness since that’s what the recipe actually calls for, and we had some in the fridge. Hopefully they’ll last until Liz and Aaron get here. 😛

I told my boss yesterday that my last day of work will be May 28, unless we are moved before then. If we end up staying later, oh well. I just wanted to give them a date to work with, and right now Dan is on the schedule to leave in June. Today they interviewed a girl to be my replacement and it looks like she’s going to work out. They offered her a job and she says she wants it, so now they just have to work with her current schedule while she finishes up her last days at Michael’s where she’s working now (they cut her hours way back). They say they’ll keep me till I plan to leave, so that’s nice. I may work less days, but that will be a nice change from full time.

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