11 Mar

I went to Sue’s house for dinner tonight and to meet Lassie, another Poufwanian from the forum. We had fun talking and messing around on skype with others afterward, then I came back home with the intent of going to bed at a decent time for work Friday. However… I came across a news update from back home about a big earthquake that happened near Japan while I had been out. Apparently they had a huge 8.4 or so earthquake offshore and various aftershocks which created some nice tsunami waves. At first it was looking like there’s no way we’d be affected, but now Washington and Oregon coastlines are under a watch too. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have anything, but it’s definitely making an interesting evening and I am now up way later than I was planning.

Unrelated side note- while at Sue’s I received a text from Dan reading “no more goatee”. I guess he finally decided to get rid of it, but thought it’d be cool to keep the side beard.  o.O  Wolverine wannabe?

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One response to “tsunami

  1. Lassie

    March 13, 2011 at 1:13 am

    How’d you guys fare? We went to the coast today – the waves looked pretty cool!


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