04 May

April was an interesting and quick month. My work schedule was pretty slim, which was good in the fact that I’m ready to be done working for a while, but at the same time, it would be nicer to make money when I can, and with no hours, that’s pretty tough to do.

The weekend of the 16th, Dan and I talked Will and Kevin into going to Seattle, since neither of them had gone before, and Will had been out here for almost two years, so that’s pretty much unacceptable. 🙂  We decided to start off and spend one night in Tacoma, then the next in Seattle.

Tacoma was fun. We used Priceline to book the rooms, and ended up at the Murano again. Will said it was probably the classiest place he’s ever been in, so that was pretty cool. We had dinner at the Harmon Brewery, then went to check out a local college bar, called The Swiss. At first it seemed like it was just a small bar, with some music playing, but as you walked in farther you kept coming to more rooms… one was tables, the next had the actual bar, the next had the band, and another had pool tables. There might have been more, but that was as far as we ventured. The band was really good. Most of the night was spent watching them. We found out that they were called the “Vicci Martinez Band”, with the lead singer being Vicci Martinez herself. She kept plugging a new NBC show called “The Voice”, but couldn’t say anything more than that she had auditioned for it. Come to find out now, that she was actually picked by one of the four teams on the show and now we’re waiting to see how far she gets. She has a great voice and Dan and I are hoping she’ll go far.

Saturday we headed up to Seattle. First we checked into our hotel then headed toward the Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is. We had made reservations to eat at the restaurant at 2:30, so we had some time to kill. We wandered around outside in the Seattle Center area. There’s an interesting fountain there, and there was a tent where some guys were hand carving a totem pole. It was a pretty nice day and the trees were blooming. Once it was time to eat, we headed back to the Space Needle and went up to the restaurant. Brunch was really yummy, and we took our time enjoying the view. After finishing up there, we headed to Pike Market and the gum wall. Then we kept exploring for quite a while. Eventually we split up so Will and Kevin could go to one bar while Dan and I went to Pike Brewery for some beer and food.

The next weekend was Easter, so we went up north again to Bellingham so we could spend time with Lora and Jerry. Saturday was super nice out, and after going to a boy scout pancake breakfast, we went to a park  on the bay that had a boardwalk over the water. We hung out there for a while then went to another park in time for the tide to start going out. We wandered the beach looking for tide pools. There were clams all over in the rocks and sand, you could see them squirting water up. One tide pool had a couple tiny crabs and a bunch of anemones. On the way back to the car Lora spotted a starfish, and Jerry picked it up. It was purple, which I wasn’t expecting and not as squishy as you’d think.

On Easter we all went to church, then went to Jerry’s parents’ house for dinner. It was interesting getting to see the same people we had Easter with last year, but yet not really feeling like you knew them. We hung out for a few hours after dinner, then headed back south again because we had made plans to meet up with Malissa and Chris for supper. We stopped to pick up Malissa, then met Chris at P.F. Changs where we ate and talked. It was good to see them again, since it’s likely we won’t get to meet up again while we’re out here.

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