06 May

Yesterday Dan was finally told that his last work day in Longview would be May 27. Officially I told my work that my last day would be the 28th, back before we really knew one way or another whether we could be leaving in May or not, so I guess we were pretty close. Regardless, things could still change, according to Dan’s supervisor, but we’re going to give notice at our apartment anyhow and hope everything works out.

Again, not official yet, but it looks like we’ll be headed south to the Salton Sea area of California. There’s a new geothermal power plant being built down there that is supposed to be the job site. No one’s told us the exact location yet, but from what I’ve researched, it looks like Niland, CA is the town. I’ll keep everyone posted on what goes down.

Tonight was Cinco de Mayo. It’s kind of strange that this is the second time we’ve celebrated while in Longview, since I’m still not really used to being in one place for such a long period of time. It was fun though. Dan, myself and Will had dinner with some friends we made while out here. Actually, one of them we hung out with last year at the bar we used to go to called Knuckleheads, back before the owner stopped paying bills and it shut down. It’s been cool keeping in touch with Ty, who used to bartend there. Several times lately we’ve had dinner with him and his wife, Juanita and we’ll definitely miss them when we’re elsewhere. Tonight though, we had dinner at a mexican place here and they brought their baby girl along. We’d never met her before, though Ty had shown pictures. She’s only about 6 months old, and hardly has any hair yet, but she was pretty happy to be out and about. I think she had a little crush on Dan, actually and kept staring and smiling at him. LOL.

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