15 Jun

For real this time. As usual, they changed Dan’s leave date. You’d think we would have saw it coming, but no, we got all excited to leave the end of May. Oh well though, such is life with Interstates. For a few weeks it was back and forth as to when they wanted Dan to leave WA and get to CA, but now we’re locked in to leave the 24th (well, that’s Dan’s last work day here, so probably leave the 25th) and head to California. His first day to work there is supposed to be the 29th, so it’ll be a nice couple days of getting settled. The only thing worrying me right now is the temperature. The forecast this week is over 100 degrees across the board. Whew. Dan and I got warm walking around Portland on Sunday and it was only about 70 degrees. The A/C better be good down there.

A lot of other guys are down there already and found apartments at a place called La Jolla Villas, and we’re attempting to rent there too. So far we’ve submitted an application, though we’re waiting to hear if it’s gone through or not. The place is a 2 bedroom, which will be a nice change, though the rent is a decent bit higher than what we’re used to. Hopefully Dan’s brother, Josh, will be sent out at some point too, so he can room with us and share rent.

I’m not working anymore, so I’ve started in on packing. It’s a little hard, with a whole week and a half left to try to figure out what we’ll need and what I can box up, but I’ve gotten a few totes filled. We’re also trying to get around a bit and say goodbye to people. Dan and I got together with Sue a couple weeks ago for dinner. I went to Kathy’s to pickup my last paycheck today, and tomorrow I’m driving up to Everett to visit Malissa and Chris one more time. Then on Friday we’re planning to have Ty and Juanita over for pizza.

Last Friday I went back to Skamokawa, to the Inn at Crippen Creek for a breadmaking class. It was fun to see Don and Kitty again, and the bread we made was really good. I got to meet a couple other people who were there as well.

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