brawley, ca

20 Jul

We ended up leaving Longview a bit later in the day on Saturday than we planned, but I guess it’s to be expected since it was our first time loading everything into this trailer. Our drive from Washington to California was mostly uneventful, though interesting. Lots of different terrains to see. A nice chunk of our first day was mountainous and winding. We drove by Mount Shasta, which is beautiful, though the top was covered with clouds. Lake Shasta is also very pretty, it would be fun to vacation there someday. We stopped for the night near Redding, and it was tough to find a hotel, most were booked. The one we ended up at was way overpriced for what it was, but at least we had a bed.

The next day we continued driving south. This leg had more flat areas, which helped Dan with pulling the trailer. The highway seemed to be a dividing line for a lower mountain range and fields. It was green on one side and brown on the other. There were lots of signs protesting the government’s use of water, which seemed to be a big issue for this state. In one area you could tell there had been a grass fire, though we weren’t sure if it had been a controlled burn or not. That night we stopped near L.A. in an area called Monrovia, which is close to Pasadena (I’d love to go to the Rose Parade someday).

On Monday we started off for our final leg, which was pretty short. We headed more east towards Palm Springs then south by the Salton Sea. The temperatures finally started getting to the 100’s. Hot. Pumping gas was an exercise in trying not to burn myself on my car. We arrived in Brawley at the apartment complex in the early afternoon. After going to get a money order with our move-in amount, we were able to get into our apartment a day early, which was awesome. Unloading the trailer was a lot less awesome, however. The heat is pretty intense, and trying to move boxes is exhausting because of it.

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