02 Aug

After way too much time of slacking off, I’m finally getting my butt in gear to try to lose some weight, and at the very least, get more healthy. A friend of mine was asking how my earlier attempts at keeping a workout routine was going, and it was pretty poor. I had a pilates DVD that I would pop in on occasion, and the pool here is great, but I wasn’t really sticking to any schedule or working that hard with either of those. He had had success with P90X, and so have a few other people I know, so I got ahold of the videos and started looking into what it all requires.

Let me just say that it’s definitely not an easy program. Which is good, because otherwise I’d probably just keep slacking off. There’s a definite schedule to follow, and it even has great suggestions for eating better. That’s one of my hardest things, is giving up the junk food. Dan has jumped on board with the food for the most part though, and we went shopping on Sunday and filled the fridge with fruits and veggies and good meats (fish, chicken etc) Dan cooked up a big batch of brown basmati rice to which he added some carrots and broccoli. It even tastes good. đŸ˜›

So… onto the workout portion. I just finished my workout for day two. Day one was abs, and a variety of pullups and pushups. (I definitely need improvement in the pushup area)  Today (day 2) I woke up stiff and sore, but managed to loosen up enough to start Plyometrics. I wasn’t able to get through everything on that video only about 40 min of 60, but I definitely got a good workout in regardless. Next week I’m going to make myself stick it out the rest of the way. It feels good being able to put an “X” on the calendar. My before pictures are pretty much a good motivation for sticking with it. Yuck.

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