01 Nov

My trip home was great. The drive there was long, but fun. I stayed the night at friends’ or family’s houses the whole way home and it was great to see people I haven’t seen in a while. I even got to meet Dan’s newest niece, who was adopted in 2010. Hopefully we’ll both get to visit them again sometime soon so Dan can meet her as well.

Dan flew in for Labor Day weekend and the week following. We had fun hanging out at Holland State Park with my family. We even went swimming in Lake Michigan once, since it was 90 out and the water was pretty nice. After Dan went back to California, the weather in Michigan started turning fall-ish. I was just getting used to the colder weather when I had to head back to the 90’s and 100’s. Thankfully it’s been cooling down now to the 80’s and low 90’s for highs.

Part of the reason I stayed so long in Michigan was so that I could check out Art Prize. It was pretty cool, getting to wander around downtown GR which I love at any time, plus lots of interesting artsy things to check out. I went with my parents one night, with Josh and Jodi another, and I met up with Elizabeth and Abigail my last night in town. We even got to watch Wood TV’s live news room and were shown in the background. Nerdy, but fun.

My parents rode with my on the trip back to Cali. We stopped in North Platte, NE and again in Las Vegas, where Dan surprised me by showing up at the same hotel. It was great to see him after almost 3 weeks of separation. He had found a really cheap flight in, so we all smushed into my little Civic for the last leg of the drive back.

Dan was working nights at that point, so we got home just in time for him to leave for his shift. In the morning he met us for breakfast then went home to sleep while I drove my folks to Riverside to pick up a rental car for the rest of their trip in Cali. I said goodbye and they headed north to San Fran and Yosemite. Hopefully Dan and I can get up there sometime, but it’s a pretty long trek from the far southern part of the state.


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