01 Nov

The rest of September flew by. On October 8th, Dan, Will, and I drove to Upland, CA to go check out Six Feet Under tattoo shop which is owned by Corey Miller, a well known tattooist who has been on a show called L.A. Ink. Dan really wants his second tattoo from him and was hoping that he’d be around that day. His schedule is pretty up in the air, and he wasn’t even in. However, the shop manager said to get his design printed out so it would be on file. Then he asked if me or Will wanted a tattoo. I had come prepared just in case, and I guess Will was finally ready too, so we both went for it. We first had to make a trip to Kinko’s to print out our designs. (In my case make an enlarged copy of my reference). Will had been talking for years about getting pinstripes on his arm like he has on his hot rods. He and Dan had even made a deal to get tattooed before they left Washington, though Will never found the right person to do his.

So we got back to the shop and handed over our references. Mine is from all the Harry Potter books I have- on the top of every single page around the chapter titles are three little, unique stars. A set on either side. I went for just one set of three, on my wrist. I love it, though it sure hurt at the time. I don’t know if it was the location or what, though Dan says I have the worst pain tolerance of anyone he knows. My artist, Neil, was quick and friendly. One of the things I really like about this shop is how much more welcoming and friendly everyone is, especially compared to the place Dan got his at.

Will’s artist, Tu, ended up repositioning the outline for his at least 6 times before deciding it was following his arm right. It was funny. He had been called back at least a half an hour before me and mine was finished before she even started on the outline. That’s all he got done that day. The rest was finished just this past Saturday, and it looks amazing. All the artists seemed really impressed with the design, which is pretty cool. Corey was even around that day, though he was still busy. Dan will have to keep on calling in hopes there will be a free day.



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